Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mucinex DM

For those of you that just hate chesty, congested coughs, I would like to highly recommend Mucinex DMFor those that are of drug-dealing professions abroad who may not have heard of the brand, click on the link and I'm sure you'll figure out its equivalent.  As soon as my allergies - no, it's a cold - no it's the change in the weather - sh*t it really is an effing cold - turned into a cough, which turned into a congested cough, I started taking Mucinex DM. 

You may wonder if I'm being paid loads of money to advertise for them.  No, but it helped me kick a cough that I know should have lasted for a week in a couple of days!  Yes, I'm still having random coughing fits where people wonder if I'm dying and are scared they'll have to administer CPR, but they are few and far between.  Why?  Because Mucinex DM is an expectorant, a cough suppressant and helps me sleep at night.  It makes the cough, 'productive' meaning that you're not coughing like your lungs want to jump out of your body, but specifically coughing to hack up nastiness (i.e. scummy, nasty phlegm and other grossness). 

Anyway, you may have gathered that I am sick.  This may account for the reason I keep thinking today is Wednesday instead of Tuesday.  I feel like I should've been off work today to recuperate!  Yet, you guessed it, I was at work and feeling not bad at all.  Which just seems contradictory to me.  Why am I wanting to get better just to get back to work?  Hmmm...that must be a good sign...that being at work is preferable to being sick.  Phew.  Must re-evaluate life if that ever changes.

This past weekend we took Lydia to the Corn Maze out in Moncks Corner.  There was a 3 mile corn maze, some farm animals, a mini haystack maze for kids and a corn kernel pit.  We didn't put Lydia in the corn kernel pit; as soon as she saw it, she went, 'corn' which she LOVES to eat.  I'm not sure she'd have loved chomping on hard corn kernels!
 The cow from Chick-Fil-A was also out in Moncks Corner.  I'm not sure that Lydia was impressed though.
Lydia was tired.  Really, she was overdue a nap before we even got to the corn maze.  She ran around a little but halfway through, and after rolling around in the dirt, (as evidenced by the dirty sleeve) she promptly fell asleep on Daddy's shoulder.  There's a new video at the top of the page if you want to see how Lydia did in the haystack maze.

We did hear a kid telling her Dad, 'Don't post that photo on Facebook!'  I imagine at some point I might hear this from Lydia too!  And then you will only get photos like this:
My henna tattoo that a lady did for me at India Fest downtown.  Which is just as interesting as Lydia, slightly less cute but opens up all sorts of conversation.  It's actually darker now.  I thought it would fade in a couple of days yet it's still very dark and yes, I do wash my hands after going to the toilet.  This is about as close to a tattoo as I'll ever get.  If I ever decide what I want and where to put it, I'll let you know.

On another child-unrelated note, a Bombay Bazar [sic] opened up in N. Charleston.  Yes, although I almost poked my eyes out before I even walked in, it didn't take me long to get over it as I'm much more forgiving when English is a second language.  I did consider telling them their sign was spelt wrong, but it was a permanent kind of sign, and not just a paper printed sign.  And they're new, so maybe they can get their money's worth before they replace it.  I have a feeling I may be too hopeful about that happening though.  Anyway,  I promptly bought 10 packets of 99c curry, and $4 worth of frozen naan.  Wow, I have lunch for 2 weeks!  Bargain!  They even had pizza naan, although I'm fairly certain this falls in the realm of sweet and sour pork, and that weird cheese stuff I can't identify at the Chinese buffet.

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