Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Long time no see!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  We've been rather busy with people coming to visit, and work taking up a lot of time.  The phones haven't been as busy as usual, but with our being 2 full-time staff members short for taking on-call, we're looking at a busy holiday season for the rest of us.  Don't really have much of a choice but to work hard right now, but luckily we have some great volunteer and part-time staff that really step up to the plate when we need them.  I'm lucky to work at a place full of kind and compassionate people!

Here's a pic of Lydia at her birthday party.  It's not the best photo as Gary looks like a ghost back there!  She had a lot of fun and particularly liked people singing happy birthday to her.

For Halloween,  Lydia painted her first pumpkin whilst Annie and I carved our first pumpkins.  We carved Dora and some face thing from Tim Burton's Nightmare before Christmas.  Lydia painted her own masterpiece.  She really likes arts and crafts so we are going to have a lot of fun as she grows up!
 We got dressed up to go trick or treating around the block.  Lydia tried to steal a pail off someone else's doorstep, tried to steal a pail from another little girl because it looked like hers, dipped into the bowl for more candy and tried to steal candy from another girl's pail.  She doesn't know what candy is - all she knew was it was supposed to be going in her pail!  Gary and Steve enjoyed scaring the neighbourhood kids with their masks.  Annie was a vampire and I was a witch.  Lydia was a fairy walking around with a bunch of ghouls!

Annie and Steve came to visit for the week.  We had a lot of fun and got to play tourists.  Lydia still asks for her Yee-Ma and Teefe every day, and we tell her they had to go back home and go back to work!
Can't believe that she turned 2!  She's just under 22lbs and 32 inches tall.  Love this little girl.

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de said...

Super sweet pics! Looks like you had fun with your company! And I can't believe Lydia is 2! Wow! I bet it was fun seeing her trick or treat! Hugs!