Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lovely weather!

I was sick as a dog on Sunday.  Let me back up.  I was sick for about 3 weeks in February.  I was never quite sick enough to be bed bound, but sick enough to be below par.  One week was spent looking after a sick minoo-Lydia, the next week was spent feeling rather sniffly, coughy and a full weekend at work where I was feeling like my head was swimming and I was going to keel over and collapse at any minute!  The following week I was listening to everyone like I was under water.  Apparently the bubble feeling means I had a sinus infection, which I didn't realise until Friday.  I went to the doctor's and got prescribed some amoxicillin which seems to be working wonders. 

Saturday was such fun.  We took Lydia to the Children's Museum and she had a great time.  It's such an interactive type of place.  Rather staged if you like that sort of thing, and not exactly conducive to natural environment learning but hey, have I mentioned that my house is full of plastic day-glo everything? 
The last time Lydia was at the Children's Museum, we were there for the family kick off for the March of Dimes walk.  We didn't actually get to walk that year because Lydia got sick with the crazy enlarged lymph node and ended up in the hospital!  Well this year's kick off is tomorrow so we plan to walk in April this year.  It's a great way to celebrate how far Lydia has come.  She was climbing and crawling and jumping around everywhere.  It brought tears to Gary and my eyes to think how far she'd come in just a year. 
So Sunday rolls around, I'm feeling a bit under the weather.  It's a nice day outside.  I think I'm recovering seeing as the day before we went to the museum, the aquarium, walked around quite a bit and ended our day at Barnes and Noble, one of our favourite haunts.  Except I'm feeling like death warmed up.  First I felt like I had indigestion, then I felt nauseated.  Then every time I tried to eat or drink anything, my body reacted rather violently!  I spent most of the day in bed, sleeping for a few hours then waking up for half an hour, realising that far too much energy was being used trying to sit up, and promptly returning to bed.  It took me until half 8 that night to finally be able to eat something and keep it down! 

This made for an exhausting return to work on Monday.  Yesterday was the best I had felt for a long time, and made me realise how bloody sick I've been all month!  Be gone, sickness!  I'm done with you!

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de said...

She gets cuter with every post! Sorry to hear you have been sick but glad you are on the mend!