Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I think that the lack of posts means that I've run out of creative juice as far as this blog in concerned, but I didn't want to leave you in the lurch for too long.

We are doing well and I am approaching my 32nd birthday this week.  We are busy, as usual, working and playing hard.

Lydia is growing and changing all the time.  She's grown an inch or 2, put on a couple of pounds so she's doing well.  She is officially doing well according to MUSC, with a psych eval in her future to be sure she's ready for school when it's time!  She also had her last speech therapy appointment last month.  I  must say her speech has advanced by leaps and bounds since then.  She's quite the chatterbox and is picking up new words all the time.  Just this week she was correcting my pronunciation of banana.  Nice!  I'm dying inside, but I keep reminding myself that miracles happen - such as her learning to speak and doing it quite well.

We participated in the March for Babies again at the end of last month.  It was a reminder of how precious life is and how this time last year, Lydia was in the hospital with a crazy enlarged lymph node!

Potty training is going on right now.  I think that our laziness might be contributing to her not being potty trained yet, so we've really got to start paying attention more!  Lyd goes through phases where she loves to sit on the toilet, then she doesn't want anything to do with it.

Fairy wings are quite the rage these days too.  She spent this weekend running around with fairy wings on and calling herself a butterfly!  And, of course, she does this with her favourite toys of the hour - yellow bunny, purple bunny, peep, baby ray and aeroplane.  She did take the black tip reef shark to bed tonight which made Gary incredibly happy!

And what a beautiful morning it was this morning.  Lydia woke up early so we brought her to our bed to lie down for a bit.  I promise you she almost had an entire conversation with me, stringing 4-5 word sentences together.  She can now say things like, "No Mummy, Don't touch the feet!"  Or, "Where'd baby ray go?"  She's working on those pronouns right now.  She often will say, "Hold you" instead of "Hold me" and things like that.  But she does say, "I get down" or "I do it" and things like that.

Alright folks, that's all I've got!

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