Monday, June 20, 2011

100 degree heat

Not only do I procrastinate in life, I also manage to do so in my online life.  And so here is a post, a month after the last one, that really isn't going to tell you anything new.

The searing heat is upon us once more.  If there's one thing I detest about living in South Carolina, it's the fact that I can't go outside during the day.  I think I should start a siesta movement here.  Really, how do we get anything done?  It's nice to be in an air conditioned office most of the day but I don't really like living like a vampire.  You know, avoiding daylight as much as possible, trying not to make those tan lines worse than they already are.  It's not half as fun as being able to step outside and BREATHE.  Breathing is quite difficult when it's 100 degrees F out there and 100% humidity.

My sinus pressure headaches have been getting worse lately.  I managed to look up on the internet (oh trusty fountain of all knowledge) that Charleston, SC has the widest range of pressure fluctuations on the continental US.  What?  Of all the places, how'd I end up here?!

Anyway, I don't want you to think that all I do is whine whine, moan moan.  I really do love my life.  And despite living in hot-as-Hades-Charleston, I love my job, my family, my friends and the pace of life over here.  I even have hobbies!  I just rediscovered the library as I went to get some large-print books for my mother-in-law.  I actually had a $4.40 fine and had to apologise to the librarian for owing them money for 5 years! 

I'm hoping that going to the library and borrowing 'proper' books will deter me from reading on my droid.  I can't seem to read any decent books on the droid as I have an addiction to reading free romance novels, mainly because those are usually the only free books you can get on the kindle app.  And when I say romance, what I really mean is smut.  I think I know every single storyline of those books.  Here you go:  Boy meets girl.  Boy and girl like each other.  Girl was mistreated in the past by some other boy (bf, father, father figure, etc.) therefore girl doesn't believe she deserves boy.  Boy is a hero - witty, smart, funny, rich, the best thing since sliced bread.  He even gets away with being slightly violent and mean because, you know, he's hot and it's for her own good, stupid ninny girl who doesn't see he's her soulmate.  Girl takes a leap of faith and declares her love for boy.  Boy says, 'I love you too' which often sounds a lot like, 'For frick's sake, about damn time you stupid woman'.  The book usually ends with boy and girl happily ever after.

So reading is one of things I like to do.  I'd love to claim I'm an arts and craft, scrapbooking artiste.  Now, I'm finally acknowledging that I merely collect craft supplies.  Hoards and hoards of them.  And I love to buy things to organise these supplies.  Whether I'll actually use these supplies...well, that's another blog, don't you think?

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