Thursday, February 19, 2009

Late Valentine's and Fish

Well I was trying to wait to get a photo of Lydia in her Valentine's sleep outfit - we didn't get one that night because she managed to puke all over it before I got the pic! I will post it once we put her in that one again :) Here are a few pics of Lydia in her cute Valentine's outfit that her grandparents Donnelly got her. She looks cute, hey?

We finally have a few more fish in our saltwater tank. Gary somehow found the energy to clean his tanks this weekend - if you've seen them then you know you haven't really been able to see them for a while! Of course, this warranted a trip to our local fish store. We got some water and we picked up a few fish. I think it was really a chance for Gary to take Lydia to a fish store. Oh, how did I know one of her first visits out of the house would be to a fish store?? Anyway, we zipped in and out (you know, so as to avoid any sick people) but it's still considered a visit :) Then we went to zaxby's for lunch. Okay, we drove to zaxby's and sat outside to order and eat, but I think that still counts :)

Lydia's grandparents in England got to see her on the webcam for the first time the other day. Well, it was the first time they got to see her moving in real time, so that was nice. It didn't last long as I was trying to figure out how to hold the phone, feed baby and fix the camera all at the same time! Next time I will be better prepared. It was fun to show them their first grandbaby as we won't be able to get over to England until next year. I find it a bit difficult to be so far away from everyone in seems a bit strange that my family won't really get to see her before her 1st birthday.

Thanks to everyone who has been keeping their germy selves away from us :) I know, babies are irresistible... or you are just fascinated by this pooping machine... or you are supporting us and we just happen to have a new baby right now! Either way, we appreciate your thoughtfulness around not getting Lydia sick. She is strong and healthy right now so thanks for helping us keep her that way.

Well, it's middle of the night and I do have to go back to work tomorrow! Working part-time is going well. It's the going full-time that will be more difficult. Gary and I are trying to get into the routine already. Lydia's been having some sleep and nap issues this week. She is still in bed before we are, so I still count ourselves lucky. I think she's just more alert, and then she gets over-stimulated with noises and sounds and lights. Well, we are working on it. I always thought I would be a big supporter of letting her cry it out. Then the NICU doctors told us not to let her cry too much as it decreases her oxygen level. So now I am not a big fan of letting her cry it out lol... She'd probably do okay now, but we still worry about it...especially with her still on the monitor and all that. Better safe than sorry.

Alright, 'til next time...Oh, thanks for the line break info from De and April - what html geekettes!

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