Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mi casa es mi casa

"I'm the Queen of this castle."

Little Lydia weighed in at 8lbs 14 oz at the doctor's office last week. She's probably about 9lbs now! She finally got taken off the oxygen but has to stay on the monitor for another few weeks. She was still having some drops in heart rate so they wanted to keep an eye on her. You could tell we were at the home monitoring clinic; monitors were going off everywhere, and parents were checking their monitors to see if it was theirs! Plus you could hear them going off down the hallway, getting turned back on in the doctor's office, just random loose lead alarms. It was quite comical really. Here's little Lydia taking a catnap.

Lydia has been staying up longer during the day. She usually takes a long nap in the morning, then stays up and catnaps a bit in the afternoon. We've been trying to put her down in the afternoon for a longer nap, but she's been rather resistant. I guess we will see what new schedule she's settling into soon enough. She's eating a lot right now so maybe it's a growth spurt? Either that or she just doesn't want to sleep!
What with growing and all that chunky monkey business, Lydia's been able to fit into a few more outfits. Here's one that her Auntie Connie sent over for her. Isn't she cute?

Well we started daycare last week. Just a few days a week until we go full-time in March. The lady that's looking after her lives about a 20 minute walk away. Rather convenient and we like her so far. She seems competent, able and communicates well. This is a pic of Lydia in her carseat ready for daycare. Hasn't she grown since she came home
Hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine's day. It was quite uneventful in Gary-Sonia-Lydia land. We tried to catch up on some sleep and relax. Oh we have the webcam set up. So we hope to be able to connect with peeps across the pond soooon. Bern got to see us feed Lydia as well as hear her cry haha. So you might be able to see it in real time too! I think it would be nice to have Aunts Annie, Elaine, Bern and Uncle Joe a bit closer. We haven't ruled out moving back over there one day so you never know, maybe we will grace you with a toddler, or an angst-ridden teen in the future ...or if uni's still cheap over there when she's out of high school, you'll have to give her room and board through uni years!
BTW I just watched, 'A Walk to Remember' on TV. How come Nicholas Sparks' books all have the same type of storyline and ending?
Can I also say how annoying this blog is getting? Why it won't leave line breaks after my paragraphs is beyond me. Sorry, I guess it just has to look ugly on the page. I really do know where the 'enter' button is, honest!


de said...

Sonia, you are so funny girl! I love the pic of Lydia sitting in the chair! She is growing like a weed. I'm glad she's doing so well!

Anonymous said...

you still have a baby, so crazy. im coming to see her soon... really, i just need to get better...