Monday, February 23, 2009

Operation Catch Up

Lydia has been working hard to catch up to the other 3-4 month babies out there. She might be a bit on the small side compared to them, but she's been having a bit of tummy time most days. She's able to lift and control her head quite well and likes to use the boppy cushion for a bit of support. The early interventionist comes to the house every other week. She says that Lydia's doing really well right now and is right on track seeing as she is almost a month adjusted age now. We're trying not to rush it too much because we know it just takes time.
I bet you never thought you'd see Gary's fish tank looking so clean again. He finally scraped all the coralline algae off the front of the tank so that we could see what was going on inside. He bought 4 chromis fish (not sure if you can really see them but they're greeny-blue in colour) to go with Tracey the clownfish. Anyhoozle, the mushrooms are flourishing now that the tank is clean. Who'd've thought that it would make such a difference?!
We're fairly certain that Lydia must be tipping the scales at almost 10lbs these days. She's getting some fat on her so that's a good thing. She seems to be doing well off the oxygen, and the cardio-respiratory monitor hasn't been going off as much. We'll be glad to see the monitor go, but we'll also probably be a bit cautious without it. We've come to rely on it quite a bit - mainly for our own self-comfort and assurance. But in the end we'll be glad to not have something attached to, we won't feel like we have to plug her in all the time :) Well we hope we can get rid of the thing sooooon!!

Oh I'm adding a few more videoclips to the youtube site; they're on the right hand side of the page. Gary's parents got us a new fandangled video camera for Xmas, but I still haven't figured out how to get the video uploaded (I think we need a special program for it) so I took some little clips on the camera for right now.

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MrsPickett said...

Oh My Gracious!!! She is just TOO ADORABLE! I could just snuggle on her and those cheeks all day long! You guys are doing a wonderful job. She is getting so good at lifting her head up and moving about! Can't wait for flu season to be over so we can visit some more!