Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bunny Rabbit

Hope all is well across the world. Gary, Lydia, Toffee, Chili and I are having a hot August. It's just been so hot lately. I could blog (once again) about how I don't think that we were ever meant to live in this type of heat, but I won't. Instead, I'll just mention (perhaps not for the first time) that one day I will move away from this ridiculous weather! Did I also tell you that I'm all talk and no action? I'm not really the very adventurous type (don't let my moving 4000 miles and marrying a weirdo off the internet fool you) so I'm not sure how it will ever happen, but maybe one day. I got this little nemo rocker off craigslist last weekend. It's a bit silly but there are a couple of reasons as to why it was a great find. 1. Gary loves fish. 2. Lydia loves Tracey (our clownfish in the saltwater tank). Okay, so neither of these reasons are very good ones to buy a weird looking rocker like this, but she sure does look cute on it, right?

Lydia got to meet a couple of cousins last weekend. Taylor and Lauryn were on their way back to Florida and stopped by Lydia's grandparents' house to visit. According to Taylor, Lydia has big eyes. Neither Gary nor I have big eyes. I've looked at Gary's parents eyes and they're not very big either. I don't think my parents have big eyes either. So who knows!
Here are some more of Lydia's grandparents. Grandma Linda and Grandpa Monty! Lydia is very lucky to have a lot of grandparents. Once she meets my parents in person, she'll have met all of her grandparents! By the time we go to England next year, she will probably be walking around. I hate that my family is missing all of this...it means I have to keep up with the blogging to keep everyone connected! It's so weird that no one has met her yet... I mean, my Mum and Annie did...but at the time she was under 3lbs and looked like a little monkey! I wish they were here/I was there to share the joy. It's hard without you guys around.
Lydia found her feet! She just started playing with her feet and finally sucked on a toe! Eugh! The early interventionist said, 'Funny how we don't want you to suck on your feet, but that's all that we're going to want you to do in the next few weeks.' I'm not sure why this is such a milestone... she's doing it though!
So Lydia did okay with avocado. Although more of it ended up on her than in her mouth! She has been trying carrots for the past week (as seen above!) and we also introduced her to green beans this week. She's doing quite well. She'll pick it up, stick it in her mouth then start sucking! She'll bite a little piece off, move it around her mouth, then either spit it out or swallow. We are doing baby-led weaning. Skipping purees for now. Starting with veggies then we'll try some fruit. The neonatologist actually suggested avocado as a first food, although the lady at the health department thought that was very amusing...apparently it was the first time she'd heard of that! And, of course, avoiding added sugar, salt, carbs and processed foods for as long as possible. Hey, that sounds like what our diet should be!! It is my hope to provide Lydia with as healthy a lifestyle as possible. I don't want to contribute to or be the reason that she is not in good health. That's my promise to her, and to myself. We've gotten this far. I'm not messing up now.

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