Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Hobbies

It's another week already! We went to the flea market this weekend and found a couple of things. It got a bit hot though so we left after a while. Plus there's more junk there than anything else. I did manage to find a couple of sleepers for $1 each so that's not bad. Lydia doesn't really like to be held when she's sleepy anymore. If we set her down in her crib, she will fall asleep on her own. Falling asleep whilst we hold her is so rare these days. We do miss it so here's a rare photo of her peacefully sleeping before putting her down for the night. She did get her leg stuck in her crib tonight and started crying. I re-positioned her and she fell right back to sleep.

Toffee fits under Lydia's crib when she squeeeezes herself under there. She doesn't usually get a chance to do it as we try to keep the dogs out of her room, but the other night she crawled under there. As you can tell, Lydia really doesn't know what to make of it.

Here's my weekend project in action! Lydia can sit up well on her own so I made her a shopping trolley cover. It comes complete with little pillows for ultimate comfort! And loops to hang Lydia's toys from! Do you know that grocery carts have all types of germs and even fecal matter on the seats? Which is why, if you go to the shops and touch door handles or carts, you should always wash your hands and sanitize!! Who knows what we might be touching... then we touch Lydia's hands and she puts them in her mouth! And blah blah I know, germs improve the immune system. That doesn't mean I want to knowingly expose her to germs! SO the moral of this story is to wash your hands before touching babies!

Gary's been working hard on his new and improved saltwater tank. It's looking quite nice these days. Lydia loves to watch the fish swimming around. The other night she was trying to figure out how to touch the clownfish! I've found that if she's being fussy, I take her over to the tank and she is just mesmerized!
Alright, best be off! Until next time...

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de said...

Awww she is sooooo adorable! I love that cart cover you made! You're so crafty girl! And I will be wearing rubber cloves whenever I go grocery shopping from now on. :-)