Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Gary and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary on Saturday. We have had a few ups and downs, but nothing too dramatic. Our arguments these days usually consist of who's going to make the dinner. And who's going to go grocery shopping! I don't think those arguments are too difficult to deal with hehe. We decided to go to Savannah for the weekend. We left on Saturday, and came back on Sunday. A short trip but it was nice to get out of town. We've been running on empty for a while. Well here's your weekly dose of Lydia. Gary wanted to go to Fort Pulaski on our anniversary. I'm not much of a military history buff but Gary likes all that kind of stuff. Frankly, I find it a bit boring, which makes Charleston less of an interesting place for me! But, we did have a picnic and I love those. I'm not sure why I like picnics so much. It might go back to the days when Joe, Elaine and I used to microwave hotdogs and take them to the park . Obviously that was a long long time ago! I have a photo of me as a baby sitting on the grass crying - I suppose I didn't like the feeling of it on my legs. Lydia wasn't bothered though and just sat there having a good old time.Lydia's been rolling around all over the place. When we stayed at the hotel in Atlanta, we just put her in the middle of the other bed and stuck pillows on either side. This time we decided not to chance her rolling off the bed in the middle of the night! We brought a pack and play and put her down to sleep in that. Luckily Dana, the daycare provider, puts the kids down to nap in pack and plays so she was already used to it. Lydia's sitting up like a champ these days. Here she is checking out the action out of the window. Just in the past few weeks she's been sitting up quite well. Every once in a while she'll topple over, but otherwise she can sit there for quite a long time. She's not far from crawling now! Can you believe that she is 9 months old? She got her shot this week and weighed in at 16lbs 9oz, 25 inches long. I am still fighting the insurance and hospital bills. MUSC decided to send us another $1000 bill the other week. It was for charges from December. I'm not quite sure what it's all about as I thought I had met all the deductibles and out of pocket premiums. And so the saga continues!

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de said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you had a great weekend away! I love that first pic of Lydia in the grass. TOO CUTE! She's a doll.

We definitely need to get together soon! It has been forever. I'll send you an email and explain the challenges. You should play along! They are fun!