Monday, August 24, 2009

Tasty Morsel Tweets

So busy these days! Writing this week's blog in tweet-form (aka 144 characters or less). Lydia=banana stealer. She had her own piece, but found my piece easier to hold onto!Lydia=green bean munching machine. She doesn't eat the whole thing, but manages to suck the insides out of it!
Lydia=multitasker. Able to hold onto foot whilst sucking on thumb at same time!

Lydia=loves carrots. Hmmm....maybe not?
Lydia=sleepy baby. Down to 2 naps a day and asleep by 8:30pm! Often wakes self by imprisoning leg inbetween crib rails!

1 comment:

de said...

She is soooo dang cute girl! Love the pics!