Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Lydia got the last of her synagis shots today! I've been very grateful for this added RSV protection to carry Lydia through her second flu season, but I think I'm more grateful that she no longer has to go in every month for 2 massive needles stabbing her in the thighs! There seems to be more understanding of cause and effect on her part; we go to the doctor's office, she anticipates getting stabbed. Poor Minoo. Hardly setting her up for a lifetime of comfort with her paediatrician, is it? She also got her MMR shot today; we waited until she was over a year adjusted to give her a bit more time to develop and grow. I wish I had been patient enough to get them all separately but apparently that's not going to happen until next year. I think I can wait a few months, but a few years is a bit too much for me.
Letting children run around with food in their mouths is completely irresponsible! Which is why you see Lydia with a gobful of broccoli SITTING nicely. I don't know how she got over there though. She flew. She definitely was not walking around with her mouth full. Ahem. Lydia loves to play with her toys. Our front room looks more like a daycare centre right now, with toys strewn all over the place. She's also exploring the rest of the house and lets us know when we need to put something in a more secure place! I like that she feels comfortable enough to roam around and to play on her own. It means that she doesn't have to be attached to our hips or feel scared if we're not around.
Lydia is 16 months old today. Still shy of 20lbs yet growing before our very eyes. Gary and I are trying to enjoy every minute of it as we know it passes quickly. To think that our baby is gone, and a toddler replaced her in the middle of the night :)

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